What is an Octave?

What is an Octave?

In music theory, an octave is an interval that spans eight diatonic scale degrees and includes all the notes with the same letter name within that range. It is the distance between two musical pitches that share the same letter name.

For example, if you start with the note C, the next higher note with the same letter name, also C, forms an octave. The interval can be described as having a doubling of frequency, meaning that the second note is at a pitch level that is twice the frequency of the first note.

Octaves are fundamental in music because they have a unique quality: notes separated by an octave sound very similar to each other but differ in pitch. This similarity is what gives music its tonal balance and allows for the categorization of different instruments and voices into various ranges, such as soprano, alto, tenor, and bass in vocal music or low, mid, and high in instrumental music. Octaves play a crucial role in defining musical harmony, melody, and structure.

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