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Recipe Series: "Poor Man's Cortadito"

A Masterclass in No-Nonsense Coffee from Your Own Filter Basket

So, you fancy yourself a coffee connoisseur but can't be bothered with baristas and their fancy equipment? Welcome to the "Poor Man's Cortadito" Hack, where we're elevating your brew game with cocoa and brown sugar—straight from your humble filter basket. 

The No-Frills Setup:


- Coffee grounds (nothing too crazy, obviously Octave coffee roasts are preferred)
- Cocoa powder (from your baking shelf)
- Brown sugar (the one you forgot about)


- Coffee maker with a filter basket (no PhD required)
- Your favorite mug (because we're not monsters)

The "Sophisticated" Process:

1. Prepare Your Coffee Maker: No need for a meticulous setup; just make sure the filter basket is there.

2. Dump Cocoa in Coffee Grounds: Liberally toss a teaspoon of cocoa powder into your everyday coffee grounds. Who knew coffee could be this complicated?

3. Sprinkle Brown Sugar Like a Pro: Artfully sprinkle brown sugar onto the coffee grounds. Adjust based on your sudden urge for sophistication.

4. Dump It All in the Filter Basket: Marvel at your creation as you drop the cocoa-infused, sugar-laced grounds into the filter basket. You're practically a barista now.

The "Refined" Sipping Experience:

- Savor the Fragrance: Inhale the scent of cocoa mixing with your regular coffee. It's almost like you're in a high-end café.

- Feel the "Luxurious" Texture: Experience the velvety texture that the cocoa and brown sugar provide. Who said coffee couldn't be fancy?

- Taste the "Balanced" Symphony: Revel in the harmonious blend of bold coffee, cocoa, and brown sugar. It's almost as good as that artisanal café you avoid.

The Filter Basket Revolution:

Because who needs to pay for a pricy Cortadito when you can effortlessly create one at home? The Filter Basket Hack—because your coffee deserves a touch of the good life.
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