Coffee Subscriptions in Tune with Your Palate

Octave Coffee offers a variety of roast subscription choices to match your preferred frequency of coffee consumption.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Roast Subscription:

Weekly | A dedication to the grind:

Our Weekly Roast Subscription offers a consistent approach to coffee enjoyment. Receive a fresh batch of beans every week, carefully selected to provide continuity throughout your week. Whether you prefer single-origin or signature blends, this subscription keeps your coffee experience delicious and reliable.

Bi-Weekly | Fortnightly coffee joy:

A bi-weekly subscription strikes a perfect balance for casual yet discerning coffee enthusiasts by ensuring a steady supply of fresh beans without the volume of a weekly subscription, while still avoiding the potential lack of fresh coffee that could occur with a monthly subscription.

MonthlyAn occasional coffee adventure:

A monthly coffee subscription appeals to coffee connoisseurs who savor their coffee slowly and appreciate the anticipation of a monthly delivery of unique, meticulously sourced beans, ideal for enjoying specialty coffee at home when they aren't at the cafe for their daily run.

Roaster's Choice Subscription:

Embrace the Element of Surprise: Elevate your coffee journey with our Roaster's Choice Subscription. Let our expert roasters select and surprise you with their favorite or most exceptional coffees. Every shipment is a delightful discovery, perfect for those who enjoy variety and trust our roasters' expertise to deliver excellence.

  • We love music:

    The eight notes in an octave scale are the building blocks of melodies, creating a sense of completeness and resonance. Music is not merely an art form but an essential and intrinsic part of our existence, enriching our experiences and emotions.

  • We're passionate about coffee:

    Whether it's the bright and juicy flavors of single-origin pour-overs or the exquisite sweetness of an espresso shot, we're eager to introduce you to eight of our cherished coffee selections.

  • We care about people:

    Octave Coffee demonstrates its commitment to people by providing exceptional customer service to our online coffee consumers. We ensure a seamless shopping experience, value customer feedback, and strive to create a welcoming online coffee community.

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