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FELLOW™ "Atmos" Canisters

FELLOW™ "Atmos" Canisters

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  • Three Styles
  • Twist To Lock
  • Fresh 2x Longer


Materials: 301 18/8 stainless steel body, silicone wrapper handle.

Capacity: 0.4 L canister holds up to 6oz of coffee beans
0.7 L canister holds up to 11 oz of coffee beans
1.2 L canister holds up to 16 oz of coffee beans

Care + Use

Fellow Tip: Twist the lid every 4-5 days to maintain a vacuum seal

Cleaning: Not suitable for dishwasher—the integrated vacuum pump won’t like it

Warning: Do not place upside down while storing content inside

Review Highlights


Smell it through the bag, baby! 

This little vessel will keep you precious little beans airtight until your ready to grind and brew. High quality materials and super easy to open and reseal.

Nathan R. 



Keeps Fresh Roasted Coffee Fresh

Love that I can see the beans that I just roasted. Holds about 14 oz of fresh roasted beans. Mechanism is easy to use and I check it every morning to see if I need to pull the vacuum again. I have the glass one and a black metal one. Love them both.

Hendrick R. 



What every coffee enthusiast should own. 

I own two of these canisters. One for drip and one for espresso roast. Best vacuum canisters on the market.

Neal L. 

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