Colección: Fellow Coffee Products

In 2013, Fellow embarked on a journey with a simple yet visionary goal: to transform the cafe experience into an accessible joy within the comfort of home, all while eliminating the hassle of clunky equipment. The mission was clear – to create home brewing gear that not only showcased stunning design but also boasted functionality and ease of use, making exceptional coffee accessible to everyone.

After eight months of dedication and numerous prototypes, the Duo Coffee Steeper emerged as the embodiment of this vision—a distinctive brewer seamlessly melding the best elements of pour-over and French press into one elegant and user-friendly design. Taking our innovation to the community, we launched a Kickstarter campaign, and the response was overwhelming. The support we received was more than enough to turn our dream into a reality.

Now, Octave Coffee is thrilled to join forces with Fellow, bringing their meticulously crafted products straight to your door. Through this partnership, we're excited to offer you the opportunity to enhance your coffee experience with Fellow's beautifully functional and intuitively designed brewing tools. Elevate your home brewing journey and savor the artistry of coffee-making with Octave Coffee and Fellow by your side.