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Octave "Folk" Blend, Ethiopia & Guatemala: Caramel, Citrus and Berry Flavor Notes

Octave "Folk" Blend, Ethiopia & Guatemala: Caramel, Citrus and Berry Flavor Notes

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Unravel the essence of folk music in every cup with Octave Folk All Season Blend—a unique coffee experience that pays homage to both coffee and musical traditions. Defining folk music is a challenge, rooted in deep historical connections, much like the intricate mixture of Guatemala and Ethiopian coffees in this blend. Roasted separately for quality, each element adds a distinct layer to the blend.

Guatemala contributes body and caramel, echoing the traditional elements of folk music, while Ethiopia introduces citrus and berry notes for a harmonious balance. Just like a folk song, this blend weaves together diverse profiles to create a coffee experience that resonates with the rich traditions of both coffee and music.

Step into the world of 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee with the Octave "Folk" All Season Blend. Enjoy the convenience of flat-rate shipping at only $5, knowing that our beans are freshly roasted on a weekly basis to ensure optimal freshness. These are the best arabica coffee beans available.

Origin: Guatemala & Ethiopia
Varietal: Various
Altitude: 1450 – 2200m
Process: Washed

The Washed Coffee Process:
The journey of this blend begins with removing the outer layers of coffee cherries to unveil the green coffee beans. A water bath follows to eliminate any remaining fruit fragments. After thorough rinsing and soaking, imperfect beans are carefully removed. Once dried, hulled, sorted, and packaged, these beans are ready to be savored by you.

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Sarah Scruton
Octave Coffee’s Folk Blend

Octave Coffee Folk blend is a perfect balance of boldness and smoothness. The hint of caramel is perfect and provides a flavor that can be enjoyed both black or with a little cream. If you are a connoisseur or a casual coffee drinker, this blend of flavor, quality and aroma is sure to bring your morning coffee ritual to the next level.