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Octave "Lo-Fi" Roast, Single-Origin Sumatran: Cocoa, Dark Cherry, and Smoke Flavor Notes

Octave "Lo-Fi" Roast, Single-Origin Sumatran: Cocoa, Dark Cherry, and Smoke Flavor Notes

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Immerse yourself in the simplicity and comfort that both Lo-Fi music and Octave's 'Lo-Fi' Dark Roast coffee bring. Just as Lo-Fi music envelops you in a warm, nostalgic sound with its imperfections and simple melodies, our 'Lo-Fi' Dark Roast offers a sensory journey with a consistent flavor profile.

Taste Experience:
Harmonizing rich cocoa, dark cherry, and subtle smoke notes, this dark roast aims to satisfy the palates of both black coffee enthusiasts and those with diverse preferences. 

Personalization is Key:
Both Lo-Fi music and our 'Lo-Fi' Dark Roast promote personalization. In music, it's about crafting playlists, while in coffee, it's adding milk, sugar, or other ingredients. This lets you customize your experience, enjoying each sip just the way you like it.

Origin: Sumatra
Processing Method: Wet Hulled
Coffee Type: 100% Specialty Arabica

Wet-Hulled Process:
In the wet-hulled coffee process, coffee cherries are pulped to remove the outer skin, revealing the beans. Unlike the washed coffee process, the beans in wet-hulled coffee retain high moisture content when hulled, resulting in a unique flavor profile. These moist beans undergo hulling, drying, and often additional processing, yielding a distinct, full-bodied, and earthy flavor commonly found in coffees from regions like Sumatra.

Enjoy the convenience of flat-rate shipping at just $5, knowing that our coffee is freshly roasted on a weekly basis to ensure optimal freshness and flavor. These are the best arabica coffee beans available.

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Steve Simmons
Of course I like this!

Lofi is a great roast for anyone getting into specialty coffee and enjoys a darker, smokier roast.