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Octave "Grunge" Blend, Sumatra and Guatemala: Rich Caramel, Milk Chocolate Flavor Notes

Octave "Grunge" Blend, Sumatra and Guatemala: Rich Caramel, Milk Chocolate Flavor Notes

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The 1990s marked a musical revolution with the emergence of grunge rock, characterized by brooding, tortured lyrics and the distinctive sound of distorted, murky guitars. Inspired by this iconic era, Octave Coffee has meticulously crafted a specialty coffee blend that captures the raw essence of grunge.

This exceptional blend develops with rich caramel and milk chocolate notes, echoing the raw emotions often found in grunge lyrics. A citrus-like acidity adds a bright contrast, while a subtle touch of smoke emerges, reminiscent of the hazy venues where bands frequently performed. Much like the fusion of sub-genres that birthed grunge, this coffee blend seamlessly combines regional seed varietals, paying homage to a defining era in music history.

This unique coffee is offered in whole bean or ground options for your convenience.

Origin: Guatemala & Sumatra
Varietal: Various
Altitude: 1450 - 2200m
Process: Washed


Guatemala: Celebrated for its diverse coffee profiles, Guatemala boasts high-altitude regions and an ideal climate, resulting in coffees with bright citrus to rich chocolate flavors. Guatemalan coffee farms prioritize quality and employ traditional, sustainable farming practices.

Sumatra: As a key coffee-producing region in Indonesia, Sumatra is renowned for its earthy, low-acidity coffee featuring notes of tobacco and spices. The smallholder coffee farms in Sumatra contribute significantly to the global supply of distinctive coffee flavors. Together, Guatemala and Sumatra offer coffee enthusiasts a diverse range of flavor experiences, playing pivotal roles in the global coffee market.

Washed Coffee Process:
This method involves removing the outer layers of coffee cherries before drying. The process begins by peeling the cherries to expose the green beans, which are then soaked in water tanks to eliminate any remaining fruit bits. Following soaking, defective beans rise to the surface for removal. Once dry, hulling is performed to eliminate any remaining fruit layers. The beans are sorted and packaged for shipment, ensuring a high-quality coffee experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Derek Collupy
Excellent Coffee

So far I've tried the Hip Hop, Classical, and Grunge Rock Blend. All three have been top tier coffee, fresh, roasted perfectly, and shipped fast. The character notes are accurate. I look forward to ordering more.