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Octave "Funk" Blend, Guatemala & Ethiopia: Rich Cocoa, Sweet Dried Fruit, Crisp Citrus Flavor Notes

Octave "Funk" Blend, Guatemala & Ethiopia: Rich Cocoa, Sweet Dried Fruit, Crisp Citrus Flavor Notes

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Indulge in Octave's "Funk" All Season Blend – inspired by the soulful beats of Funk music. Packed with rich cocoa, sweet dried fruit, and zesty citrus notes, it's the ultimate espresso blend. But don't worry, it's just as delicious in a drip coffee. Take a sip and groove along to the lively flavors that capture the essence of funk music.

Step into the world of 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee with the Octave "Funk" All Season Blend. Enjoy the added convenience of flat-rate shipping at only $5, and rest easy knowing that our beans are freshly roasted on a weekly basis for optimal flavor. These are the best arabica coffee beans available.

Origin: Guatemala & Ethiopia
Varietal: Various
Altitude: 1450 – 2200m
Process: Washed

Understanding the Washed Coffee Process:
This process starts by removing the outer layers of the cherry to reveal the green coffee beans. These beans are then cleaned and soaked in water tanks, with defective ones carefully discarded during soaking. Following sun-drying, the beans undergo hulling, sorting, and packaging, ensuring precision and care from start to finish, all to bring you the perfect cup.

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Customer Reviews

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Philip Williams
Exceptional Guatemalan & Ethiopian Blend

Octave's "Funk" is a true masterpiece! This coffee's rich notes create a harmonious symphony of flavors that had me dancing with delight. I've been savoring the exceptional coffee of Guatemala during my visits there for over 30 years. Funk is the perfect blend for anyone who appreciates the soulful essence of Guatemalan coffee. My taste buds were singing a new octave of joy with every sip, making this blend an absolute must-try for coffee enthusiasts.

Mike Gagne

I've been a daily coffee drinker for much of my adult life. As someone who appreciates the finer things in life, I knew my coffee game was lacking. When I came across Octave on social media, I thought this would be a great opportunity to take things to the next level. I got the Funk, the Folk, the Grunge, and the Lo-Fi. All have been excellent. The aromas that fill our home every morning have been divine. Talking with the owner, it is clear he's knowledgeable and passionate about coffee. Top-notch coffee and you're supporting a family business. Can't beat that.